My Life in Books

12 Aug 2022

  1. Earliest Memory

    THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL: Hans Christian Andersen
    Homeless child using her last match to stay warm. Traumatised me then. Still does today.
    This was considered a (literary) fairy-tale back in the day.

  2. At School

    I have loved Hardy’s writing forever. This is my favourite novel by him and his recurrent
    themes of doomed love and misunderstandings are beautifully portrayed here. Bathsheba &
    Gabriel. Who could forget?

  3. Favourite Novel

    NORA WEBSTER: Colm Tóibín
    So simple yet so complex. This Irish writer’s observations of a widow struggling to come to
    terms with her husband’s death is beyond brilliant. I read the last few chapters of the book
    so slowly because I couldn’t bear it to finish.

  4. Favourite Poem

    MID-TERM BREAK: Seamus Heaney:
    What’s there to say. Pure. Simple. Genius. Makes me ache with sadness every time.
    Interesting Fact: He was born just up the road from me.

  5. Couldn’t Stop Thinking About

    ATONEMENT: Ian McEwan
    Read it on my honeymoon and cried for a day. Just couldn’t believe the twist. Briony – how
    could you?
    A LITTLE LIFE: Hanya Yanagihara
    There’s nothing little about this book. As moving as it is long, Yanagihara’s tale of male
    friendship in New York is a modern masterpiece.
    NOTE: Should come with a warning. Be prepared to be haunted.

  6. Worth a read….

    LULLABY: Lela Slimani
    You know the ending from the start – but Slimani’s writing is so sharp, so intense, you’ll be
    digging your nails into the palms of your hands by the last page.

  7. Just Bought….

    ALL ABOUT EVIE: Matson Taylor.
    More hilarity, more adventures for Evie. The hotly anticipated follow-up to The
    Miseducation of Evie Epworth, All about Evie sees this 20 something misfit now working in
    70s London. What could possibly go wrong for the Yorkshire lass? The freshest new writing
    laden with equal dollops of humour and pathos.